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  1. Brynn Crady says:

    Where is your head planter from? It all looks wonderful! TIA

  2. Can you please tell where the shelves are from?

  3. They look perfect! Where did you find that pothos plant? It is very nice. How about moving it to a lower shelf where you can reach it?

    1. Thanks! It’s from a local nursery. I tried moving it down, but I didn’t like the look nearly as much, haha.

  4. Yes! With the entryway color and texture, and now the fantastic floating shelves, your house is looking like a home!

    I’m rooting for the pothos. You can do it! All it needs is water once every week or two…

    1. Where is the leather chair from?

  5. See if you can throw a couple of ice cubes into the plant while on your step stool. Might make it easier to water. The whole unit looks great 🙂

  6. I must find a wall in my house to do this! LOVE IT