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  1. I love making DIY’s in my own room that’s why I always read some articles and this one caught my attention because you really explained how it should be done without any mistakes. I’ve learned great ideas from you. Thank you!

  2. I love painting. I still struggle with finding a shade I love and I’m 40 minutes from the store. I get impatient , lol. I’m also a paintbrush forgetter. 😁 Great tips

  3. Are there tricks to figuring out how much paint to buy?

    1. One gallon will generally do one coat on about 250-400 square feet. Most medium-large sized rooms will need about two gallons!

  4. I too seriously face the problem of ruining paint brush . I always forget them either in paint bucket or on the floor leading to damage it. Thank you for easy tips and such helpful idea.

    1. Haha yes, I’m the worst at this!

  5. Yes, I have personally experienced this. I just choose the wrong color and then I had to hire a professional to complete my incomplete task. We also need to take care of kids while we are painting our house. It becomes difficult to keep them away from the painted wall.

    1. So frustrating! And yes, it’s tough to keep the kids out of the paint!

  6. It looks awesome makeover! I like the color and everything about it. You have so many ideas and really creative!