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  1. What color did you pick for white? White or New White?

  2. Andrea Cole says:

    This has been so helpful, thank you! About to order everything. I’ve seen some blogs or comments about using a primer first, do you think that is necessary? Also, would 1 kit cover the tub & tile surround with 2 coats or do I need 2 kits?

    1. No, I would only use what comes in the kit. 1 kit should be fine for most standard tubs!

  3. Just wanted to drop a quick thank-you for your blog post about using Rust-Oleum’s Tub & Tile Refinishing Kit. Your instructions and tips were super helpful, and I successfully refinished my bathtub following your guide. It looks so much better now, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Thanks for sharing your experience and making it seem doable for someone like me who’s not that handy. Keep up the good work!

  4. Your tub looks terrific! I’ve been thinking about redoing my 70s style baby blue tub/shower and sink. I know your tub was originally off white, but do you think the product would cover a colored tub in 2 coats? Just wondering how much product I need to buy.

  5. It’s interesting to know that bathtub can be painted. Refinishing kit will save us a lot money because of its cheap price that will fix our bathtub. Thank you for sharing this informative article!

  6. Nancy I Crow says:

    I’m getting ready to start painting my tub and surround. This is a very old house and the tile on the floor is disgusting, grout is dirty and the tile has several small cracks. When I finish the tub and sink, I am going to paint the floor. Will the epoxy cover the small cracks or is there another process I should do before doing the epoxy?

  7. I used the rust oleum floor paint on my half bath floor. It’s only been a week but so far I am really pleased. I have a full bath I want to tackle next. It has tile half way up the walls all around the bathroom. I plan to use the epoxy product in the shower stall but what about wall tile in the main part of the bathroom? Which product would you recommend for the wall tile outside the shower area?

  8. I love your finished project! I just bought an older home and I’m not sure if the tub and surround is fiberglass or vinyl. It’s all one piece. Would this work on vinyl as well and would you know how to tell what the material is? Thank you for sharing this, I hate this tiny bathroom.

  9. This looks great! Thank you for sharing your experience. We have an 80’s mauve walk in shower with tall shower walls and a built in seat–I think the shower frame material is acrylic. Do you think this product and overall process will work on that rather than a tub? What is the consistency of the material? Do you think it will drip much?

    1. It’s meant for showers as well, yes! It’s a big thinner than regular paint – I recommend stirring really, really thoroughly before painting!

  10. What kind of caulk did you use around the tub? I repainted my tub as well but it started peeling around the caulk areas. I just touched it up and was wondering if you had the same problem or maybe you used a better caulk 🙂

  11. Hi Amanda!

    We just refinished our bath with tub and tile! Yours looks great! I have a question – when you re-caulked did you use tape to get a nice clean line? If so did you have any issues like pulling up the epoxy when removing the tape? Thanks!

    1. Hi! Yes, I used tape, and no there’s no issues – I’d recommend using a delicate surfaces tape to be extra careful, but as long as it has had a day or two to cure, you should be fine!

  12. Hi Amanda! Your tub and vanity look amazing! You mentioned that you wanted to paint your tile floor in the bathroom too. I was wondering if you did. Thank you for your inspiration!

  13. Mike Angle says:

    I just fiMnished my tub and it looks real good. Problem is the finish is a tad rough. Can this be smoothed out using 2000 gritwet/dry sandpaper and if so how long after the paint has set? It has been 24hrs now.

  14. Hi, did you have to dand the tile surround as well before painting?

  15. Just curious as I’m in the process of redoing ours. Did you paint the outside panel also? I have a white tub already and really just need to get the black off the bottom on the inside so didn’t know if that iutside part needed painted too. Thanks

  16. Good Job! You’ve laid out your steps for everyone in great detail! I too had one of those 60’s colored tubs, mine was the pink! Yikes… The tub was still in great condition so I decided to also paint it. I researched the epoxy paints because I had heard that was the only way to go. I however, used Klass Kote Bathtub Epoxy because they were able to make a custom color for me which I wanted. (klasskote.com/epoxy_bathtub_paint) The process was pretty much the same with a few minor exceptions. Results were great! It was such fun…really! Thanks for sharing the possibilities to other brave souls.

      1. Cindy Atkins says:

        I’m not sure how I even found this, but I’m so tickled! I didn’t know this was possible but I have 2 bathtubs that need it. One just needs a freshening up, the other is harvest gold from the 70’s! It’s a corner garden tub so a royal pain to replace, but I’m really excited to try this! Thanks!!

  17. Amanda! It looks amazing!! I’ve often thought about doing this. However, in a previous home, someone painted the tub and left brush marks. These collected dirt & soap scum & became very difficult to clean. Does the epoxy self level, or did it leave brush marks/ roller texture? Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thank you!! It does a good job of self-leveling – I don’t see any brush strokes or roller marks on ours!

  18. I’m so grateful for this information! My fixer-upper was last remodeled in the 70s 👀….I have so much to do with my tiny budget! The bathtub is ugly and stained. The tile color isn’t hideous but definitely not what I want. I’d decided I had no choice but to replace the tub 💰💰💰, and due to that expense, I’d simply have to live with the tile. Thank you so much for this information!

  19. How about durability when cleaning? What do you use to clean now that you’ve painted it?

    1. It holds up great! I use all of the same cleaners I used before painting it – I haven’t changed a thing about my routine!

  20. Lindsey Wendorf says:

    I wish I had read this about five hours ago. As you pointed out they don’t have a recommended stir time on the can and the first portion of our tile countertops ended up with really runny paint before it thickened up. Your bathtub looks great! I can’t wait to do our ugly tub and tile surround as well.

  21. Can you use this paint to paint over the non-slip strips that are in the bottom of the tub? These don’t look like they come off (ie the non slip strips are not stickers), so I’m hoping to just paint right over them.

    1. If they’re a part of the tub, then yes, it should be fine!

  22. You had to paint over a few days but said it had to be tossed in 6 hours. Could you clarify this, please? TY…your project looks amazing!

    1. Hi Judi – Sorry if that wasn’t clear in my explanation in the post. Once opened, the paint needs to be thrown out after 6 hours. You should be able to paint one coat, wait 1-2 hours, then paint the second and be good. I needed a third coat, and you have to wait 24 hours to do a third coat, so I had to get a fresh batch. Most tubs should be fine with just two coats – I only had issues with mine because I was a bit rushed and distracted (which often happens with the kids around!)

      1. I did my tub and tile about 2 1/2 years ago with this product and it looks as good as the day I finished. I’m really happy with the durability.

  23. Hi so I have a tub that has been destroyed by some kind of chemical my husband used to clean the drain. It is really rough ( the texture of the tub is like sand paper) there is no shine or smoothness to the tub. Can I use this product to restore the shine and smoothness of the tub.

    1. Hi, Dee! I’d imagine the tub would need to be sanded down to remove the rough texture, but after that, yes this will absolutely restore the color and shine!

  24. Looks so good! Did you paint over the grout between the tiles, too? Or how did you handle that?

    1. Thanks, Jessica! Yes, I painted right over the grout. It basically just looks like white tile with white grout now, and since it’s epoxy it’ll be a lot easier to clean!

  25. Will this work on enamel tubs, like a claw foot tub?

    1. Yes, it should definitely work!

  26. It looks great! That’s an easy way to spruce up a bathroom. I would like the paint my bathrooms walls and now you’ve got me thinking I should paint me tub as well. I saw an article related to choosing bathroom colors for walls and cabinets that was quiet interesting too https://blog.mykukun.com/choosing-bathroom-colors-for-walls-and-cabinets/ Really well done, your tub looks brand new 🙂 thanks for the inspiration!

  27. Will this work for fiberglass tubs and surrounds? We’ve been here 28 yrs and would like to give this a try.

    1. Yes, it will absolutely work for fiberglass!

  28. The revamped bathroom looks truly gorgeous, Amanda! Plus, I like how you use the negative space in a small area. The vanity goes really well with the decor. Thanks for sharing!

  29. It looks SO much better!!!! I’m dying to know how this holds up! We bought a house that was “updated” by a flipper whose style was distinctly from 1998. So our bathrooms have a faux-travertine tile that is sooooo dated. I talked to my husband about possibly painting it because we can’t afford a re-tile at the moment, but he was concerned about longevity. If this holds up even a few months of regular use, it would be totally worth it to try on our guest bathroom that hardly gets any use.