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  1. LOVE this project! We had a pull out trash cabinet in my house growing up- it was like this, but the cabinet pulled out like a drawer – it was a built in from when we redid our kitchen. It was so handy, you will love it!!!!

  2. That’s awesome! Our new kitchen has NO natural place for a trash can, so we’d love to do this, but we’re also limited on cabinet space … It’ll be a challenge! I’ll be coming back to this post if we decide to go the cabinet route. You guys always think of the best projects!

  3. Put the recycling bin right outside your door so that you don’t have to go far to dump out that little can when it gets full—then you’ll be more likely to recycle. I put 2 trash cans in each bedroom upstairs too—one for trash and one for recycling. 🙂 We fill a huge recycling bin—like 50 gallons with paper per week. So much junk mail! 😛 Of course, last week I forgot about recycling/trash day so our bins are bursting full…I must remember to take those out tomorrow!

  4. It really is the little things that make the biggest difference, love the update! It looks so much more “polished”

  5. It’s PERFECT. It’s exactly what we need to keep Zep out of the trash!!

  6. Ours just hangs out by the side of the fridge, but it’s a pretty nice trash can so it doesn’t offend my eyes. 🙂 Our recycling situation is less than ideal though — we have a much larger trash can taking up space in our pantry that collects bottles, and another big bin that we throw paper into, though that one fits nicely under the pantry shelves. I would love to have a better system, but we just don’t have the space right now. :-\

  7. We have the same one from Lowe’s (and the pull out pots/pans rack). LOVE it. Whoever came up with that first is a genius. 🙂