Tips for Cutting in Paint

Cutting in Paint

Cutting in paint without painter's tape can be intimidating if you haven't tried it before - but with some practice, you can easily cut in paint like a pro! Read on for some tips.

When loading your brush, don't get more than about 1-2" of paint on the brush, and be sure to brush excess off prior to painting. You don't want drips!

Don't Overfill the Brush

Your first brush stroke should be about 1/2" from the trim or line you're cutting in. Then, go back over the line and work your way up to the line for a clean line!

Work Up to the Line

Once you've finished cutting in, widen and feather out your line of paint so that you can meet it with the roller.

Widen the Line

You should fully cut in and paint one wall at a time rather than doing all of the cutting in at once. This will reduce flashing or visible brush strokes!

One Wall at a Time