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  1. Love the Christmas plates on your open shelves. I really need to get around to updating my kitchen so I have some beautiful shelves to decorate too!

  2. So beautiful! What I loved most is that you mixed your normal decor even if it isn’t traditional colors with christmas decor. It works splendidly with your navy curtains and makes the space even more inviting!

  3. Oooh so many things I love! First, the upholstery on those chairs: that cobalt blue is amazing!!! Also, that photo display. Need one.

  4. I love the centerpiece styling on your dining room table & the marquee lights in your kitchen window!

  5. Oops, just went back and re-read and now I see that they’re fake! But if you happen to know where I could find something similar I’d be grateful! 😀

    1. Hi Bethany! We got them a few years back from Hobby Lobby – I’m sure they have something similar there now. I’ve also seen similar faux mini-trees at At Home!

  6. Those plants on the dining table runner are so cute. Are they real? Where are they from?

  7. I’m definitely stealing a few of your ideas. Love the red and gold combination. Our Christmas tree is decorated in red,white and gold and it looks fantastic as well.

    1. Thanks, Emma! I love the classic color combo. 🙂