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  1. Felicia Nash says:

    Hey there – I think I messaged you about our scavenger hunts years ago when I saw something on IG about your love for fun advent calendar things. As my kids have gotten older, I have had to get more creative about the hunt/clues, so I thought I would pass along what I did last year that was super fun AND ended up leaving me with forever memories. My kids are 13-19, so they all have phones, which is what made this work. I did a photo scavenger hunt where I asked them to take a photo WITH their favorite ornament, their favorite Christmas card that we received, their favorite Santa picture, as well as things like “Take a selfie with dad/mom”, take a selfie with mom’s favorite Santa (I collect them). So they had to send me all of the photos and now I have amazing Christmas memories that will last. Didn’t even realize that perk of it until we finished. Anyway, it was super fun so I thought I would share!!