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  1. I love your letter board. I need to change mine out more often! Your bar cart is amazing! I have splotchy walls also, no judgment here!

  2. I love everything about this! That wall hanging is perfection, and I love how you’ve maxed wood tones and metals. Great job!

  3. classy and elegant! i love it! awesome design!

  4. I have splotchy walls, too. And I’m a blogger but I know nothing of the magic of photoshop, lol #bloggerfail. I am obsessed with those letter boards. I really want one! I just need to pull the trigger I guess and I’ll have all the inspiration I need with your pinterest board 😉

    1. They’re SO fun, you won’t regret splurging on one!

  5. We seriously lived for almost a full year with five different paint swatches on our living room wall, front and center, behind the TV, where everyone could see them. We were just too lazy to go get a full can of paint after swatching the samples. It was embarrassing how quickly we got it painted when we finally went and bought the paint. *shrug emoji*

    1. Glad we aren’t alone! I still haven’t fixed it… I have a feeling we’re just gonna roll with the splotchy wall look. 😉