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  1. I love the way this turned out and think the red bed really makes the room! I just wanted to say that after finding your site I was only looking at it semi-regularly because blogs showing beautiful homes just make me sad because we don’t have room to redecorate anything in our budget. But when I followed the links to what you bought for this room I was so surprised how affordable everything was! I’ll definitely be coming back for more ideas!

    1. Your comment made me smile, Becky! Thanks so much – and trust, I’m ALWAYS on a budget so I can pretty much guarantee the things I link to will be affordable!

  2. My children are also very opinionated about their bedrooms. This one turned out so beautiful! I would be happy to spend lots of time in there.

  3. So cute! I am especially inspired by the fact that you allowed him to pick out his own stuff even if it didn’t fit with your vision. What a great mom! I struggle with this because my son’s room is still unfinished after 3 years (gasp!) and we started one direction but he keeps asking for odd colors that don’t work with what we have now. I feel bad because I want to show off his creativity, but lime green, navy, neon orange, and red are a bit much together, lol.

    1. Thanks, Rachel! And yeah, I definitely understand the odd color requests – we weren’t able to say yes to EVERYTHING he requested, lol

    1. Thanks, Mary! He definitely has good taste! 😉

  4. love that this is a cute and fun kids room but that it will definitely age with him. Though I’m sure its hard to see your baby boy getting so big!

  5. amanda, i think it looks fantastic! i hear ya, i am in NO HURRY to put my 21 month old in a big boy bed. i was the same way with my first and waited until she was past 2. the room looks terrific and i love the bed you chose (and the color!)

    1. Girl, it was a hard transition to accept but holy how it’s so much better now! We waited until about 3 and it was the perfect timing!