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  1. Beautiful photos, all of them. I love seeing these progression pictures on blogs — makes me feel like I know the bloggers IRL! (And to answer your question, we’ve tried to do a family Christmas-time photo since Claire was born but we weren’t able to this year. I think we’ll take one this week and send out new year photo e-cards instead.)

  2. First off, I’m impressed that you were able to get the dogs all so still and in the frame!

    As for us, my husband HATES taking photos, to that point that every time I want a photo of the two of us I have to bargain and let him have something he wants. I’m hoping someday when we have kids he’ll get a little better at it. But basically, no we don’t have an officially photo each year, but in my perfect world it would happen.

  3. Aw, it’s still really cute! I love that everyone is included 🙂