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  1. Picked up a yellow glass punch bowl with 12 cups for $5 last week. In perfect condition. Moved a couple of handbags to see it.

  2. Everyone goes to the market but not everyone can summerize these useful tips like you. I always forget all of them when I’m standing in the market. So thank you for this post, I’ll make a note.

  3. Thanks for all the useful tips above. They all work really great for flee market shopping.

    I know we should arrive early in the morning to grab the best but sometimes I get better discount near the end of the day too. You know, dealers do not like bring their merchandise hom anyway 🙂

  4. Thanks for this great guide! Very useful! I hope to see more post from you in the future.

  5. A very great article. These are very new tips and tricks, thank you for giving me a lot more useful information. I like the number 8 tips: Pay attention to the details. Usually, people are very little attention to the details of the product. Thanks for your article