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  1. adawnpaxton says:

    I love the gold! I am trying to use gold more in our home! It is such a pretty accent color.

  2. Love the gold! I would like to add it to my kitchen, but know I could never convince my husband to go for it. It was hard sell to update from gold 5 years ago, he would side eye me big time if I told him I wanted to do gold again :/

  3. The gold shade of color adds a glam appeal in your kitchen. It’s not bare nor nude anymore. You have a big kitchen here and that will make it easier for you to add designs and other furniture also for as long as it is useful when you’re doing kitchen works.

  4. I love your gold hardware! Your kitchen is beautiful. It is inspiring me to take on mine, but I’ve been afraid to do it cause it’s a big job.

    1. It’s not that bad to paint them! It’s tedious, but so worth it!