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  1. Erica Green says:

    Brilliant Amanda! The best Christmas interiors article I have read so far ….. (and that’s a few #christmasfanatic )

  2. Love these ideas! I never want Christmas to end, it’s just so pretty 🙂

  3. I love all of these ideas! I always have so many crafts this time of year!

    1. Isn’t that so cool?!

  4. Beautiful! If it wasn’t for the fact that this was a round-up, I would have guessed it all came from the same very stylish home <3

  5. I swear I see those DIY trees from Little House of Four every time I’m on pinterest. It’s like Pinterest is telling me I need to make them because they are SO stinkin’ cute! I also really like the black and white ornaments!

    1. I’m SO making a whole flock of them for Jackson’s room!

  6. I love them all, love the slices of wood, I’m actually having my husband cut some up because of the hurricane damaged so many trees.


    1. Of course – they’re gorgeous!

  7. I love every single one of these ideas and I can’t wait to see your bar cart! Pinning!

  8. Thanks so much for including my little rustic lanterns in your roundup. I’m so honored. And I love all of the projects! I’m so inspired to get busy on this early Monday morning. Merry Christmas ~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

    1. Thanks, Susie – I LOVED your project! 🙂