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  1. Hi, Im thinking of the bed for out three year old. How high is it from the floor? The mattress we have is 10in and I am just concerned about him falling from the bed!

    1. Hi! Just checked IKEA’s website and it looks like it’s about 12″ from the ground.

  2. Hi! Adorable room. I’ve been looking at that ikea bed as well for my toddler son. Do you mind sharing what paint color you used? It’s great.

    1. Thanks, Kate! Honestly, we didn’t save the paint so I’m not sure what it was – I’m sorry!

  3. OMG I love this room! I agree about having so much fun doing your children’s rooms. I absolutely love those bookcases, and so handy!

  4. Wow those shelves are to swoon over, gorgeous! kids room! You were so smart to incorporate the storage space.

  5. I adore his gallery wall and those stuffed animal heads! So cute! And I love that this new set-up is bringing you more snuggles and time together – so sweet!

  6. I love the shelves, completely gives me a throwback when I was in high school. I used to have books, cactus ( a fake one lol ) and a globe on my shelves! I also love the bed. I am getting my son a new bed and he requested if we can get a red one! I don’t know what’s with the red color but now i realized something after seeing your photos! Great Job!

    1. Thanks, Rose! Haha kids can be so opinionated sometimes! 🙂

  7. Love the bedding you chose! Where is the duvet from? The link just keeps sending me to Pinterest. Thanks!

    1. Oh no! I’ll fix that – thanks for letting me know. I think it’s a glitch with my Pinterest plugin. The bedding is from Amazon, you can find it here.

  8. This turned out great. I love how you incorporated so much storage space, and I love that globe!

  9. The snuggles definitely never need to stop! Parenthood, gotta love it’s wonder. I adore that fox print. And that build in storage- holy dreamy! I need that in my room 😉

    1. They’re the best! And thanks, the animal prints are one of my favorite things in his room!