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  1. Kelly Ridings says:

    Your dining room is coming along beautifully (though with that light fixture, I feel like you could put a folding table in there and it would look nice!).

    My husband and I just got to the end of a very long journey in search of a dining table and chose the Basque table in Java, so I was excited to see that you have it as well and have been happy with it! Quick question– have you had any issues with marks coming from “synthetic materials” or rubber? The care instructions are like, DO NOT place rubber or any synthetic material on the surface… which seems like it covers a wide array of things one would need to put on your table? Just wanted to check and see if you had had any issues with that!

    And now, I am sure we will be embarking on an equally long search for dining chairs we both like!

    1. Thanks, Kelly! We LOVE our table so much. We haven’t noticed any issues from rubber or synthetic materials in particular. I didn’t even know that was a recommendation! Our table sees a lot of action from a lot of different materials, and we haven’t noticed that any one thing affects it more than anything else. It does have some scratches and wear, but that’s mostly from our dog hopping up on the table, haha.