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  1. Hey there! The first step to any big project is LISTS so good on you for being so well prepared. We are in the process of moving too, and although it was a little bit of work we decided to have a garage sale for all our unwanted “junk” and then take the remainder to Goodwill. It was worth it, we spent a nice weekend outside in the sunshine, met some lovely people, and made about $200 which is more than nothing! And now we only have stuff we truly want to keep to pack up.

    1. Sounds great!! We’ve been considering a garage sale, not sure where we’ll land on it yet – but we definitely have a lot to purge!

  2. Hi Amanda.
    This is so exciting, can’t wait to follow along.
    For the counters I would go with the cheapest laminated ones from ikea (http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/categories/departments/ikea_kitchens/24264/)
    They are a great quality for the price and look clean, modern and bright. The Install is DIY-able making this a less than $200 update as well.
    For the outdoor trimming: I would suggest doing it a few weeks before listing, very freshly cut bushes show that they are freshly cut(and not in a good way). Just letting them have a few weeks to “heal” usually looks even better.
    Good luck and greetings from Germany