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  1. Maryanne Bletscher says:

    Would anyone who previously downloaded the DIY instructions from Home Depot (before it was ‘removed’) be willing to share them with me? I’m really trying to help my daughter out by building (or hiring someone to build) something like this for her 800 sq. foot home to house her lawnmower. Thank you!

  2. Your link takes you to home depot diy page. I went through all 18 pages to find this and it’s not there.

    1. Oh no, sounds like they may have re-arranged over there. I’ll see if I can track it down and find the original post.

      1. Izeck McRae says:

        Any luck finding the post? I ran in to this early last year with every intention of building but am just getting around to it. Sad to not find the instructions available!

        1. I can’t find it either, I’m so sorry! It appears they’ve cleared some older posts off their site.

  3. Charles Dennis says:

    I can’t find the full tutorial on Home Depot’s blog any more. Was it taken down? I bought all of the materials but got interrupted in the middle of my project for a family emergency. Now that I have time, I can’t find the instructions.

    1. Hi Charles – oh no! it may have been removed or relocated, I’m not sure how often they change things up over there.

  4. I know in Virginia, if a shed is on skis it is considered “temporary” or “transportable” or something like that. That means it doesn’t need a permit.

  5. On your lawn mower shed I read the Hd post with instructions. Evrything was very clear except I didn’t read tying or anchoring the shed skis. Was the built base suppose to be screwed or nailed to the skis? Would you recommend using several anchoring pieces attached to both skis for stability if deck is longer or wider? But more importantly, is the weight what keeps skis from loving if it is not screwed to shed base? Thank you

    1. Hi Sonia – This shed was built with the intention of being able to move it eventually if needed, so the base is not attached to the foundation in any way. It’s extremely heavy, so it never shifted at all. However, if you know you want it to be in place permanently, you certainly could attach it.