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  1. Alice Fournier says:

    I love your posts,and your house, and your family! I’ve been reading since Wedding Bee days!
    I have a skylight in the 12ft. ceiling in my bathroom. Would that be too much light for a Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma?

    1. Hi Alice!!! I don’t think so – it wouldn’t love being directly under the skylight receiving direct sunlight, but being in a room with lots of indirect light would be the perfect environment!

  2. I love the trellis you have for your RT! May I ask how you let it form/grow? Is it all one stem or did you “bend it” downward (rainbow shape)? Mine is getting larger and I want it to grow tall but maybe let it grow on wire to “decorate” the wall.

    1. Mine has two stems! I’m currently working on propagating a third, but I have a hard time propagating this guy.

  3. the lower leaves of the RT have fallen (a problem i am dealing with) however, i was wondering if i can plant in the soil the section that no longer has leaves so it doesn’t look bare. Any ideas?

  4. Princesspool says:

    I have a beautiful propagated R.T sitting in a vase of water, with 5 new leaves and a substantial, impressive root system. I LOVE watching it grow under and over the water line.

    But I worry about having to eventually pot this wondrous plant in soil. If I were to put a trellis behind the water-filled vase, could/should I just leave it in water? Will this stunt growth or will it remain happy/thriving in water forever? I also thought I had a monstera at first! I appreciate your post, thank you.

    1. I haven’t ever tried growing it in just water – my guess is that it wouldn’t grow as large without soil, though. THey’re very hardy and I imagine it’ll transfer just fine!

  5. Sharon A Elliott says:

    My sister and I purchased a RHAPHIDOPHORA TETRASPERMA (copy n paste, what a great way to have correct spelling). It is just below a spiral staircase and gets indirect sun. When the first leave uncurled, we noticed a black spot that was on top n went through to the bottom. The next sprouting leave also had one. We decided to take the plant out of the soil, wash the roots n report it in new soil. Now there are 3 leaves that have turned yellow. We are thinking that just maybe we purchased this plant with a fungus or some health issue. We plan to return it.
    Do you have ideas as to what we may have done wrong, what to do to prevent loosing the entire plant or, if you agree that it needs to be returned to Walmart?

    1. Typically black or brown spots indicate a watering issue. My Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma does well with once-weekly watering, but you should always wait until the first 1-2″ are dry before watering. Could be over or underwatering, so I’d play with the watering schedule to see what happens! Also, the yellowing leaves could be from shock after messing with the roots – it’s pretty common for some leaves to yellow after a big thing like that!

      I’d keep a close eye on your watering schedule for the next couple of weeks and see if it makes a difference! Of course, it’s hard to know for sure without seeing it and knowing the history – so if you’d feel better returning it, go for it!

  6. How can I get a starter of this from you? I have checked everywhere here and can’t find one. Thank You!