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  1. Oooh I love talking skincare!
    I wonder if you’ve ever tried niacinamide or retinol in your routine? I’ve been using Granactive Retinoid 2% by the Ordinary for a couple years now, and besides taking care of the little lines around my eyes, it has eliminated my pre-period breakouts. I recently added niacinamide (also from the Ordinary—I’m a big fan) and it has helped tone down some redness for me. It’s supposed to be good for reducing oil production, minimizing pores, treating dark spots, building a lipid barrier—all kinds of good things.
    As far as moisturizer goes, I deal with frigid Minnesota winters PLUS have dry skin, so my favorite Dr. Jart Ceramidin probably would not be a good fit for you. But in the warmer months, I like Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream for the daytime. I think it’s a great cream that would work for just about anybody. And at night I use Belif the true cream moisturizing bomb (why do they have such long names???). It’s a little heavier, but moisturizes well. Belif also makes Aqua Bomb, which I think is better suited for oily skin.
    Cheers to happy skin!