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  1. You know I love trees, too. Last year we had 7, but this year I only had energy for 5. Love yours!

  2. Growing up our tree was always a collection of ornaments and there are special ones that I still look forward to putting on my parents’ tree every year (I’m sure my brother and I will fight over who gets them later in life). Chris and I have continued that tradition with the trees that we have had, using a collection of ornaments that are special to us. We have a smaller table top tree that has color coordinated ornaments that I like to change out every so often. Since it’s small its usually very cheap to fill it with new ornaments.

  3. We just have a little 3′ tree in our condo, with all our bookcases, we haven’t really left ourselves room for more. I think Christmas is about all the memories of previous Christmases, and part of that is having a big jumble of ornaments on the tree. Plain old balls are only for filler in our house!

    My mum has a system where she hangs the plain balls deep deep within the tree, just for the glinting and sparkle, and then all the actual ornaments are on the outside. She’s collected so many over the years that every single branch/sprig has an ornament, and some have two!