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  1. Growing up in California we never had a fireplace either. Which is why I love that our house in Louisiana does have one. Of course we don’t really need it, and even though I’ve asked my husband to build a fire ever year since we’ve lived here and we’ve yet to use it, I still love that it’s there.

  2. Love love love! I wish I had a mantel…our new house doesn’t have a fireplace, unfortunately. Yours looks so great, and I adore that you DIY’ed your canvas – I think it looks better than the version you saw in the store!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE. The quote is perfect & I love your mantel!

  4. I love your glitter sign-it’s great!! and the mantel looks amazing–love the mix of golds and silver!

  5. I absolutely love your glittery canvas, and it looks so great on your canvas: I love modern decor, and you really nail it as always!

  6. I love it! What a pretty modern mantel. And I love that you’ll be able to switch out the canvas throughout the year.

  7. Super cute!! I only change the mantel decor for Christmas, or if I buy something new that would look better than what’s already up there, but I don’t change it for the seasons. I have decorated it for Halloween twice, now that I think of it.

  8. So cute!! I was like you, grew up in a house without a fireplace so I always wondered how Santa could get in. I loved decorating the mantel in our last place, even though we never once used the fireplace.