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  1. Not sure what you mean by two storey windows. We have windows that open side to side and also windows that open top to bottom. We have blinds on both types of windows also curtains or a valance. No problem to open the windows.
    I think I typed my name wrong last time. It is Shirley

  2. Your new home will be lovely and congratulations to you all. Hope it serves you many happy years together.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Shirley from Canada

  3. We have the same 2 story window situation and have never done anything with them, because I’m not sure how it’d work. The bottom ones have blinds but not the top since I don’t see how you could ever open them!

    1. Haha yes!! I’ve been brainstorming ideas for that situation and I’m not quite sure where we’ll land yet!

  4. House looks great! Just out of curiosity…why are all walls textured in Texas? I’m from Canada and I’ve never seen this before.

    1. It seems to be a regional thing. You can’t find a house without some sort of texture on the walls in our area! I’m assuming it’s easier for them when building because they have to be a little less precise with the finishing work on the walls. It’s not my favorite, but I’ve never seen a house with totally smooth walls, so we live with it haha.

  5. Nichole Volbrecht says:

    I don’t doubt they know what they are doing, but it seems silly to install the cabinets before finishing painting.I would be terrified to get over spray or drips on everything, even if it is taped.

  6. Just amazing how different a few weeks make!!! Aghhh so excited for you, it is going to start happening REALLYYYYYY quickly now!!! I am so excited for you and here for it all!!!