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  1. Oh… How are things? Hm. It’s a roller coaster for everything. My kids ask about doing such simple, innocent things “when the world is back to normal” like just going to the store to browse and look for randomness. In particular, someone wants new Pokemon blankets for his brother and himself, but he wants to SEE and FEEL them. I have absolutely LOVED finding local, free, outdoor, open-space things to do during this time. Chasing food trucks (ok, well that’s not free). The beach after dinner. Walking the ramparts of the fort. The trails at the park. Camper camping with our quarantine-buddy friends. Hanging out at the park to play PokemonGo and Wizards Unite. And from what my kids tell me, they’ve enjoyed summer. Certainly not what any off us expected…. There was supposed to be overnight camps and out-of-state trips to visit family. But, it has been good.