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  1. Joan Price says:

    Thanks for the share. With Spiral Staircase Prices being so affordable these days my wife and I have decided to put one in. With that being said do you have any tips on how to hang our pictures so you can still see them while going up the steps?

  2. I love gallery walls…you guys did an awesome job! Where do you get your frames from? Just random places and then spray paint them all white?

    1. They’re all from various places – I just spray painted them all white!

  3. Looks great! If you got the frames from Ikea, did you have any issues spray painting them? I have some of the Ribba frames that are black (and I have progressed to white frames!), so they’re in need of some paint. Just wondering how that worked for you, and if you had any suggestions on spray paint. Thank you!

    1. They weren’t Ikea frames, but they were pretty easy to spray paint! You just have to be careful to do thin, even coats because the paint can bubble and look funny if you don’t sand them (and I didn’t sand mine, since half of them weren’t even real wood frames!). As long as you take your time, you should be fine! 🙂

  4. Aw, I love how it turned out – you guys did a fabulous job!

  5. I absolutely love this. LOVE THIS. Although we are enjoying our first house, we already know that we will soon outgrow it and definitely want a 2-story house for our next home. I’m going to have to save this post so that we can attempt to do a similar stair ‘gallery’ when we have the space to do it!! Good job!

  6. Your vision and outcome is freaking awesome. I especially love the letters you included. What a great interest to your staircase.

  7. It looks awesome! I love how you can see it from the living room. I liek how you added your initials to the photos, it makes it mroe interesting.

    We’re planning on doing a gallery wall, we just aren’t sure where yet. I think it would look great over our fireplace, becuase it’s off centered, so it’s hard to put just a normal large photo over it, but Jim wants to do one in the dining room. I think it would be overkill to do both (since out living room opens into our dining room). We’re on hold for now figuring out if there is another option for the living room because our idea really would look better in the dining room.