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  1. Your mystery bush is a Garden Rose bush, my mom grows them in her backyard. Camellia bushes have longer pointed leaves.

    1. Good to know! Thanks! 🙂

  2. One of the reasons we bought our house was for the backyard. It was amazing and the previous owners spent a ton of time getting it to look the way the wanted. And while I still like our backyard, 2 years later it doesn’t look nearly as good, and it’s a ton of work. We had a baby peach tree, but I’m pretty sure I killed it because I had no idea how to take care of it. I did break of some limbs already, but just with my hands which I’m sure is all kinds of wrong. But hopefully it comes back to life.

    I still love our backyard, but I’m thinking with our next house we might want something that’s easier to manage.

  3. So jealous! Makes me want to get my buns in the yard and get to work!

  4. Your backyard is so huge! What a great place for the dogs to run around!

  5. What an awesome backyard!! I know the thing I’ll miss most about our house here is the yard. I’m dreading going back to our tiny thing in NJ!

    Love that you can pick your own fresh flowers!! They look wonderful on your mantle!

  6. I think your mystery bush with the red blooms is a Camellia. Beautiful.

  7. Those roses are ridiculously gorgeous!! You are so lucky to have them. And a big backyard is so important for the pups.