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  1. I was inspired to also decorate our patio. This article is so inspiring. The colors are vibrant and the design is simple. I and my husband will find some garden decorations this weekend for our patio. Thanks for this again!

  2. Your patio looks like a perfect spot for relaxing! And I love that you made the most of a small space – our patio is small, too, and I have been struggling with what to do with it, but you’ve given me some ideas 🙂

  3. Your yard looks beautiful, I really love those benches around the table!

  4. I wonder if you could add some kind of bench seating along the side of the house with storage underneath? Or even a couple of single seats that can be moved, that have storage under them. Then you create extra seating if you ever have a large crowd (and if they’re moveable, you could move them into the yard or around a child’s picnic table or whatever), and you can store the stuff in them.

    1. That’s a great idea! We’ll have to play around with that!

  5. Haha! “Harsh Texas winter”? That was sarcasm, right? Going to make me giggle all day. Anyways, we put everything in a shed over the winter and throw a tarp over the table. Seems to do the trick.

    1. Bahahaha I totally meant to type summer, NOT winter. 😂