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  1. First and foremost, having 3 kids a dog and cat, is a robotic vacuum. Paid for itself in two weeks in the time I spend vacuuming a 3100 square ft house with all hardwoods! Second never never buy anything n but washable markers/ crayons! Third learn to build your furniture or pay attention not to buy laminate veneer crap. Kids are rough sand it will be chipped within a week sand look like crap. Lastly, invest in pieces that are quality made (couches chairs etc) not the disposible crap sold at most chains. This stuff is made to last 4-5 years tops and meant to be thrown away. Personally a sofa with pancake cushions makes the whole room look terrible!!!! I am a bit of a snob, growing up in nc, about how things should be made though. Sand youse week say is not in the budget I say bull s#$@! For less than $500 I can show you how to buy something that lasts 15-20 years and your saving thousands on buying it 5 times over. Also i have a vey light sofa but i have a 10 year warranty that will come clean it everyday for 10 years if needed or replace. K thats my insight and also believe in making a nice home because I do have kids, not the other way, bc this is where their childhood memories are made and that is worth my time and efforts. Just sayin’ parents are getting lazy!

    1. Great tips! And I agree, it’s definitely worth it to do your research and invest in quality pieces!

  2. I never ever have anything white and that includes clothing. Anything white gets dirty within 30 seconds at my house (and I only have a dog–no kids). I like to get my dog involved in the cleanup. She gets a treat for anything she brings me (a loose sock, a dropped pen, a shoe) because anything she can lift doesn’t belong on the floor anyway! It can be a fun game. Sometimes I leave things out for her to find and bring to me. It’s just my way of making tidying up entertaining.

    1. Haha, AMEN! I avoid white like the plague. 🙂 And I love that about your dog – so adorable!

  3. Quakehold! Seriously genius. I got a jar of the clear gel, and I’m able to keep glass top tables, ceramic vases, decorative trays, and heavy candle holders on low shelves because of this stuff. Little hands can touch, but can’t pick up, knock over, or do any damage.

    1. Oooh, I’ll have to look into that!