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  1. I love this remodel but I am curious how you get disks into the devices? If they are in the drawer do you need to pick them up to insert a movie/video game?

    1. We kept the XBox scooted far enough back in the drawer that it would open without moving it! But, it’s also really easy to lift up the front of it for better access.

  2. Abby Sandlin says:

    Do you have a picture of the back? I want to convert a mid century buffet and my husband is also worried about the “breathing issue.” Will definitely look into the fan as well.

    1. Hey Abby –

      I don’t think I have any photographs, but the fan worked very well! We actually did this project quite a number of years ago and don’t have the piece anymore, or else I’d snap a quick photo. But, what I can tell you is that we used this setup daily for probably close to 8 years without a single overheating issue! All we did was cut out a portion of the back of each drawer where we’d have electronics, then we added that fan in. It worked great!

  3. Great update to this piece. I’m doing one myself soon and was wondering what colors/brands the paints are . I know this is an older post but if you recalled that would be so helpful!

  4. Thank you so much for publishing your tutorial and hints. I just googled how to do this. Bought a 9 drawer dresser last night for $20 and can’t wait to rehab it! You saved me from a lot of cutting and measuring and found a handy gadget my hubby will love! Thanks so much!!

  5. Love it, Amanda! I want that exact same dresser! Tell me if you see another one. 🙂

    1. We got this fan: http://www.amazon.com/Vantec-Thermoflow-TF12025-120x120x25mm-Temperature/dp/B000234W1I/ref=pd_ys_iyr1. But in hindsight I would have opted for a cheaper fan. This one is supposed to only run if the temperature gets to a certain point, but our home apparently is always at that point. So the benefit of being temperature controlled is rather lost.
      You will need to purhcase one of these:
      To power the fan. However, if you find that more fans might be needed you can run several off of this one.

      I would have rather used an RF controller, but we already had a rather expensive IR only remote so I went with the cheaper option.

  6. Wow! I came over to your blog from Weddingbee. I am a fellow lover of all things gray and yellow. I love all of your projects. But this one is by far my favorite!! It is awesome what a difference it made. I have to get one of those sensors. Our cable remote NEVER works.

    1. Thanks! We absolutely love it, and the sensor works so much better than we ever expected it to!

  7. Hello! I just stumbled across your blog, and love all the renovations. I really like that print near your TV “stronger than you know, braver than you think…” and was wondering where you got it or if you made it? I think it would be great for the nursery we’re planning! Thanks

    1. Thanks! The print is from Etsy seller rawartletterpress. Hope that helps!

  8. dude, that’s awesome! it looks sooo good! especially with the cute yellow drawer handles! Definitely bookmarking your idea for when we get around to replacing our $15 PLASTIC WALMART tv stand table. >.>”

  9. Great job! Love the colors. So when you want to use your Xbox or DVD player, do you just like pull open the drawer, or slide it out and then leave it open while it’s in use?

    1. If we have to replace the DVD or game, then we’ll open the drawer up, but while it’s in use we actually keep it closed! Because of the sensor on the tv, it works perfectly when the drawer is closed (better than it used to, really) and because of the vent holes and fan in the back nothing gets hot enough to risk overheating! 🙂

  10. Wow!! I love the idea of using a dresser in a brand new way. It looks so great!!

  11. Are you for hire? Seriously, you did an awesome job on that dresser!

    1. Well I would rather do this than a lot of other things!

  12. Wow! Y’all never fail to impress me with your handiness and creativity! Job extraordinarily done!

  13. This looks great! I love the colors. Also, cute pups!

  14. I love that piece!! What a fab craigslist find! You guys did an awesome job on it!

  15. This is seriously awesome. Probably one of my favorite projects that you guys have done (so far)! Love the touch of yellow too 🙂