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  1. I’m thinking about painting my bathroom vanity countertops but my sink is part of the actual vanity. Do you think that this can be used in the sink as well?

  2. I am going to do a bathroom vanity counter that has 2 sinks in it (they are set in on top of Formica not from underneath).
    After the total prep work and epoxy is completed when and how do I remove the tape around the lip of the sink without disturbing the epoxy and pattern in it.Do I pull the tape around the sink right after the pour or do I wait like I would do for the edges?

    1. I would keep it similar to how you do the edges – I’d wait about 45 minutes and then pull up!

  3. Natalie Miraya says:

    Hi ! I absolutely love your cabinet and wanted to know what color they are because it looks fabulous with the countertop.
    Please let me know when you have the chance. Thank you !

  4. I love this! I do have a question about the small backsplash that is attached to the back of the counter top. How do you apply the epoxy there and deal with the drips pooling onto the counter top? I notice on your instagram that you also did this to a big piece of backsplash in your kitchen. Please share tips because I’m ready to take the plunge of painting my kitchen counters. Thanks!

  5. I think that each kit comes with instructions. Do you think that it will be alright if I use a different epoxy countertop guide from the one on the kit? Or it’s necessary to follow the one with the kit?

  6. Great job. keep up the great work! Thanks for sharing

  7. I read your blog post about painting your kitchen counters, but also saw you do this recently over Instagram and would love to do this. Do you think it would be okay to use on a kitchen counter? It’s just a temporary fix to make it look better until we can afford something better. Thanks for any help you can give:)