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  1. Thank you I do not know enough about the things necessary to do in a home and I really appreciate this information.

  2. This complete guide to using caulk is magnificent, and I will use this guide wisely. I have a project on this caulking technique, and I will follow your guide to complete the project.

  3. Great article. However, if you have ants or bugs coming in under your baseboard, you probably have structural problems. If ants are in your walls you need to cut some holes in your drywall and have a look. Also see where they are coming in from the outside. Just Stopping them from getting from your wall to your living room is bad. Must stop from the outside.

    1. Good point, thank you. I’ve been renovating my home and am always looking for more tips from seasoned DIYers. I also saw hipickle.com on instagram followed their steps to using caulk.. would love to get someone’s input as to whether or not they know their stuff, as I like to use multiple sources.

  4. My husband is trying to seal between drywall and a stone fireplace (very curvy because it is rounded stone) so there are large gaps that need to be addressed. Would you recommend the extreme stretch product? And in terms of filling larger gaps (like the 3” ones it advertises) does he just need to pump additional caulk in and let it fill the space? Or does this seem like a job for another product?

    Also, thank you for this article because I had mentioned it prior to my husband and he actually came to me asking for advice! 😁😁😁

    1. Hi! You can find pre-caulking filler on Amazon (or at Home Depot/Lowe’s) for filling in large gaps prior to caulking!

  5. Thanks for the comprehensive post. This will be great to refer back to. Love the baby wipe tip!

  6. Hi
    Thank you so much for this post! I just finished sealing holes in the house my daughter just moved into. I used the Flex Gel since it didn’t require a gun. However, DAP was my backup since bugs can’t get through the silicone sealant.
    For the caulk tube after you use it on a gun, can you tell us what to do with the tube when we are finished and it is still full? I don’t know how many cans I’ve eventually thrown away because the tube had caulk in it and dried up. I keep trying to remove it but nothing works. Then I end up throwing the tube away.

    1. I usually add painter’s tape around the top, and then use the skewer on the caulk gun to remove any dried caulk from the top before using it again. You can purchase caps for them, though, if it continues to be an issue!