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  1. Play on a blanket that way when he gets done playing he can just pick the blanket up and dump it right into the tubs instead of having pieces all over the floor. When my collection grew and I realized I had to start sorting them out i did it by color. The problem with that is is that you get Lego blind. If you are searching for a 1x1x1 red piece in a bin of red pieces all you see is red. When my collection grew big enough that that became more of a problem I had to resort by piece type so I would just advise to sort by piece type in the first place. $300 worth of storage bins just to put your Lego in is kind of crazy. Try to keep your bins the same size that way everything stacks on top of each other and buy extra bins at the same time because you’re always going to grow into new bins. Fishing tackle boxes help out with all the little cubby holes.

  2. Ted Leonard says:

    What containers did you use? Can’t find a 4 level container anywhere.

    1. Office depot has a lot of them and they stack i got mine there!!

  3. What size bits did you end up using? Would you change the sizes based on experience so far? Thanks!

  4. This is a great system to organize his current Lego collection! What I’m about to say will come as no surprise, but you’ll certainly need to evolve your storage system as his collection grows. I have four-Lego lovers, who have been collecting sets for a total of twenty years between them, and the number of Legos they have is staggering! When you get there, I’d suggest sorting by size as you’ve done, but also by type (vehicle parts, people paraphernalia, weird shapes versus basic bricks). Makes the hunt for that perfect piece a little easier! Good luck (and watch your step 😉)!

    1. Definitely! I think this will always be able to function as a good base system, and we can pull other pieces as needed once they’re sorted. Anything is better than what we were doing before. 😉