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  1. Brianne Archer says:

    I’m really surprised you made this move to be debt-free and then chose to finance an automobile. I’d love for you to talk about this more.

    1. Hi Brianne – Great question! It’s something we debated a LOT before landing on the decision to finance. When I was having my second son in August we knew we needed to replace my old Prius (it had nearly 200K miles and wasn’t large enough for 2 kids + groceries/errands) because it just wouldn’t work for our larger family. My husband drives an old truck that we paid cash for, and we considered paying cash for a car for me, but in the end we decided to place a priority on getting something just a little newer/nicer with less miles that we knew would be very reliable. We depend on our cars VERY much – nothing near us is walkable at all – so it’s not an option to be out a car. We wanted to be sure that the main family car was one that we could rely on for many years – and we plan to drive this one until it falls apart! It’s definitely an individual decision and wouldn’t be right for everyone, but we feel good about the decision we made and fully intend to pay the car off early – and then not replace it until we absolutely must.