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  1. Why did you need 4 Rocksolid kits? We have a 2 car garage so we bought the 2 1/2 car garage kit. Will that not be enough? I just want to make sure we do it right the first time so all of this information you’ve provided is so helpful 🙂

    1. The kits we were using were smaller, and each only covered a 1/2 car garage! You’ll notice on the top of the box in the photo it says “2 kits needed for 1 car garage”

  2. How thin does the top coat need to be put on? I keep seeing reviewers saying that you need to buy double what the box says even over previously coated floors. We are looking at doing a 380-390 sqft garage if that is of any value.

    1. The top coat can be very thin! I found that the recommended amount worked fine for me.

  3. Richard Ignacio Calderon says:

    Can somebody please call me about this product and servicing?

  4. This looks fantastic. We want this look in my hubby’s game room in our basement. Our home was built a year and a half ago. What prep would need to be done? We can’t rinse floor like in a garage. What would we need to do? thanks