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  1. Jamie Gonzalez says:

    1. I just gifted a pregnant friend a dress from Amazon and the brand was Huhot – she loves it. It’s a short sleeve/knee length dress, so I thought I’d recommend it since we know it’ll be hot through, you know, November here in Texas 🙂 (And it’s cheap – about $16)

    2. Not a parent, but the first link was super interesting! I grew up in a teeny tiny town (there are barely 1,000 people in the town) and I was allowed to go all over the place on my bike as a kid. Didn’t occur to me until I moved to Austin that that probably wasn’t the norm for most kids! Interesting read.

    1. I’ll have to look for that dress! I’m obsessed with Amazon clothing lately. And yes, I really found that article fascinating – I lived in a medium-sized town growing up and I remember my mom allowing me to leave her office (I was homeschooled) and walk to the store around the corner all the time, starting in late elementary school or so. I can’t imagine that being an okay thing to do nowadays.