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  1. Looks amazing. We are doing this to our door! I can’t find dimensions on the insert and door anywhere… is that something you can provide me?

  2. I think your new front door color is not flattering It looks like IKEA blue. A more appropriate residential color would be more appropriate.

    1. It’s literally their house! Preference, my dear, it’s all about preference.

  3. Looks great the job you did. I would like to go one step further. My current front door looks like yours – we have the window area already in. We would like to take that whole window out and put in a glass window that opens half way (like a wall window) with a screen to let in fresh air. And maybe put two decorative louvred panels on the outside to make the door look nice from the outside. Not sure what brand our door is but it looks like a standard stock door like a jenweld with the panels at the bottom and the glass area in the upper part. Was wondering if anyone made something like I was looking for. Any ideas or links appreciated,

  4. Daniel Thommen says:

    Looks very nice! However, here in Florida with the Hurrican Codes, I doubt this will pass any inspection… and, why have an electric door looking mechanism when all you have to do is unscrew the little screws and/or toss a stone into the window and in you are… I hope the glass is break in resistant or hurrican proof though… Looks very good, I like the blue…

  5. I’m sorry for being nit-picky, but I’m an electrician and I notice things people might not (it’s a CURSE!! lol) The keyless entry pad is very off level! That would drive me NUTS!! But the door looks fab!!!

  6. Bobbie Wasilko says:

    I was just looking at DIY videos on YouTube and saw your video. What a great idea and perfect timing. We’ve been mulling over buying a new door because the builder-grade “hershey bar” one we currently have is so boring and we want a section of clear glass on the top. This isn’t our forever home, so we don’t want to spend a lot of money on renovation projects. We are handy, so it’s going to be an easy change for less than $100, and it will add the perfect amount of morning sun in our entry.

    Thanks, and well done.


  7. Chris Taylor says:

    The window is over $400. what you did essentially is make a stanley 9lite 2 panel door which is $344 from home depot.

    are their cheaper options to add a window? even just a 12×12 simple plain window is all I need. I found ODL add on internal blinds windows for $80 but they are adds ons. not actual window replacements. I have the stanley door and after moving 2100 miles across country I dropped it and shattered the glass. trying to replace it (glass) or better with internal blinds. but the $80 kit “goes over” your existing glass meaning it has to be intact and be their.

    back door has no window. want a small window just so we can see out the door before opening it. Suggestions?

    also the lock you linked is not keyless. it still takes a key. I finally found one that is keyless but its a bit on the cheapy side. looking for something a wee bit nicer.

    1. You’re right – you can generally buy a door with glass for a similar price, but we loved this for a few reasons. First, you can get exactly what you want (right down to privacy glass versus regular glass) and we aren’t wasting a perfectly good door! The door you mention has regular glass, not privacy glass, which was an important feature to us and often doesn’t come standard on those cheaper doors.

      Zabitat has lots of options and prices, just glancing at their site it looks like they have over 30 window options that are under $200, and another 100 that are under $300 – so you should be able to find something good there!

      Most “keyless” entry locks also do accept a key and personally, I’d suggest not getting one that doesn’t. Batteries on those can run out unexpectedly and I’d hate to get stuck without a good way to get in – I always like having the backup option of being able to enter with a key if I forget the code for some reason or if the keypad glitches.

  8. I guess I”m just not a DIY’er cause my Home Depot has doors with a window already put in for very similar price as just the window LOL. Looks good, though.

    1. Haha, thanks! And yes, it’s not for everyone – but we’re really pleased with how it turned out, and love that we could totally customize exactly what we wanted. 🙂

    2. Yes they do BUT they charge $500.00 to install the Door!!

  9. Oh, we don’t need a window in our door but we have an outside door that is all glass and I hate the blinds on the outside — they bang and get crunched and are a pain. This site offers enclosed blinds as replacements. I’m off to investigate…. (and your door looks amazing! the color is great and that natural light is wonderful)

    1. Yes! Enclosed blinds are SO nice!

  10. It looks great! I wish I could do this with my door, but I have restrictions due to me being in hurricane district (FL).

    1. Zabitat does offer Impact Resistant/Severe Weather glass inserts for hurricane zones!

      1. Oh, that’s so good to know!

  11. Jamie Garcia says:

    Does your keyless entry actually enable a deadbolt? We have a keyless lock on our door handle, but not on our deadbolt. We used to only rely on the keyless entry but it turns out that when you don’t have a deadbolt locked, your door is super easy to kick down and people will break into your house and take all your things! Good times. If there’s a keyless system out there that actually enables a deadbolt though, I’m intrigued.

    1. Yes, it does! This is the one we bought – it has several extra safety features too like the option to automatically lock the door after 30 seconds and an alarm when the door is messed with. We are loving it!

  12. Hi Amanda!
    That makes such a huge difference. I guess the outside would have been just as cool with just the new color, but the hallway with the natural light is such a win.
    It truly does sound like an amazing product – the only thing I think is missing is white covers for the window frame screws…
    Greetings from Germany

    1. Thanks! We really love it! But yes, haha – screw covers would be great!

    2. Well, I stand corrected! My husband just informed me it DID come with screw covers, we just forgot to put them on! 🙈 Whoops!

      1. Well that’s just perfect than! Looking forward to the before and after 🙂