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  1. We have a toy cubby holder, a few whicker baskets under our coffee table, toy boxes in her room, and a bench with storage in the basement.

  2. We live in a small (like less than 900 square feet) house with a large living room area. We decided to split it in half and have a playroom type area on one side and our living room on the other. We tried Expedits (similar to your new piece) and it just didn’t work for us long term. Since we spend almost all our time in the living room we store all his toys in the living room and there just wasn’t ever enough room in the Expedits/baskets to keep everything organized! It drove me crazy because he would just dump the baskets everywhere! We now use several IKEA Trofast (http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/categories/series/19027/) units. My plan has always been to use them in a future playroom because the family I nannied for had them and I always loved how easy it was for the kids to pull the buckets out and find their toys themselves. They aren’t the prettiest (very much kid colors!), but I figure we live with a toddler and it’s his space too and I’m happy with how well they work for us!

    Books are our biggest struggle. We need a new bookcase in our living room (we previously lived in a place with built-ins) and I’m hoping to dedicate a shelf or two to some baskets for blocks and books. But we will still have a lot of books to keep in his room! I want to get the picture frame ledges for one wall in my son’s room for books and some decorative items, but they are pretty low priority right now!

    1. Those are great storage units too! Books are hard for us as well – he has SO many! It works best for us to have them spread out…he has some on shelves in his room, and some in baskets all around the house. They’re everywhere!

  3. Good question! haha. We have a small duplex/apartment house, so we have a living room, our bedroom, kitchen, Jacob’s room and bathroom. I really try to keep all of his toys in his bedroom, but his room is so small, as is our living room, which is why I keep them in his room. I need to find a way to store things, since he has some bigger things, which are just taking up half of his floor!