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  1. Hello what kind of spray paint did you use ? And did it run? I was thinking of doing spray paint as well with the same colors

    1. They’re SO fun to have! Jack is obsessed with his.

  2. I was looking for something similar, this is nice. But I am going to try and apply it on a larger table 🙂

  3. The Christmas I was three my mom and aunt picked out and stained a mini rocking chair for me and I’ve moved it to every home I’ve ever lived in. Usually a stuffed animal sits in it, and one of the spindles on the back is cracked, but it’s my rocking chairs and I refuse to give it up 🙂 Maybe Jackson will do the same with his table and his kids will play with it when they come along!

    1. I love that! So sweet! He has a mini rocking chair as well that my grandmother bought for him. He doesn’t play in it often yet, but I hope it ends up being special to him like yours is for you!