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  1. I love your tips and the lovely pictures that you shared. The cabinet with the yellow handles is just amazing.

  2. Great ideas, Amanda! I love winter decor for the fact that it’s clean and simple following the chaos of Christmas. Yours looks great!

    1. I agree – I love the simplicity of this season!

  3. Beautiful and great tips! I usually do a transition as well, but this year I went full force with spring. We have had a brutally cold winter this year so I was needing the warmth. I love the simplicity of your decor so much though, stunning!

  4. Great ideas, it looks so pretty! I’m leaving a few of my white ornaments out for winter decorating also.

  5. Love these tips! SO true!! I always leave the pinecones and wintery decor out too 🙂

  6. I keep white stuff out too, in some areas but down here we break out purple,green and gold for Mardi Gras.

  7. I did the same thing this year! Instead of packing everything away I left out just a few pieces in my kitchen hutch. It makes me so happy to see it light up at night!

    Have a fabulous 2017!