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  1. Red Deer Furnace Cleaning says:

    Very nice!

  2. I agree, I really like the corner stand up shower. And is that cedar on the ceiling? It is amazing how it affects the whole outlook of the room. You really did a great job!

  3. Very nicely done. We did a very similar bathroom last month to this. We love the simplicity in the subway tile, they are so standard but great to look at. Also a huge fan of those red cabinets you used, they bring a big “punch” to the room!

  4. That sounds like great relaxation. Love how you did the shower by the bathtub. That is very trendy currently.

  5. Those wood panels on the ceiling make all the difference! Gives it all a real cozy vibe. Love it!

  6. I am so impressed with this bathroom! I love the subway tile (I am sure that was a really tough job) and that coral colored cabinet, Gorgeous!

    1. Aw, thanks Emily! It was pretty exhausting! 🙂