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  1. We used Nafco flooring. They have product that looks like plank wood flooring. It’s really thick vinyl. It really does look like wood without the scratching from pets, it’s softer for the kids yet it easily cleans up like wood (easier). I still have carpet left in two spare bedrooms and can’t wait to replace them. I use a vacuum on it before I mop and swiffer pet hair up in between times to keep it clean. I have area rugs in the family and living room to add a little softness around. Good luck.

  2. Oh and what about “rec room?” I feel like it’s quicker to say than media room?

  3. There’s something so scary about a bare, painted room when it’s a bolder color. Until you get rugs and furniture in, and stuff on the walls, it’s like “WHAT DID WE DO!?” haha! So I get that, but like you said even the rug improves it. I can’t believe the first one isn’t rough!!!! With our dogs I’ll never spend any “real” money on a rug (I consider $100 or more real money because I’m cheap) but I must say I’m jealous!

  4. “The Den” is a good idea….

    I think the layered look is cool, but it’s a shame that you have $700 worth of rugs laying on top of one another and you can’t even see the bulk of the jute rug. To me, that’s like spending thousands on genuine hardwood then covering it up with an area rug. Just my opinion though – if you’re happy with it, that’s all that matters!

  5. Maybe you could call it The Den? The Great Room? The (Wo)Man Cave?

  6. I like the layered rugs. I think they really soften the space up. And you’re not the only one to ever finish a project and say, “Nope, don’t like it.” My guest room is the same way. Actually, so’s my living room. But I like to tell myself that it’s because they’re just not finished yet, despite what I’ve told my husband. 😉 Your media room (or whatever you decide to call it) is just a work in progress. You can always change the floor later! And who knows, once it’s all filled in with furniture, it might not be as bad as you think.

    Nice job so far!

  7. This is a pretty unique and bold project. You deserve a pat on the back for all the work. I agree with Allie that furniture will soften it up a lot. Keep up the good work.

  8. I think maybe the white is just so jarring against the black walls? I’m sure it’ll look fine once all the furniture is in though, but I get why you’re not crazy about it.
    Still, I’m impressed how different the room looks already!