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  1. Did you use the 48 in. planks? I noticed that now it is only available in 36 in . planks. Someone commented on the Lowe’s site that they have changed the product. Supposedly, the planks are thinner and less sticky than they were before. have you bought any of this flooring recently and have you noticed a difference?

    1. We did use it recently (last summer) in our bedroom. We definitely noticed that it seemed to be less sticky. However, they do recommend using a primer to help stick (which we hadn’t done before), so the next time we use it we’ll do that. I believe the planks we used were 36″.

  2. The floors are amazing!! How have they held up since the last comment back in 2014? We have a concrete slab for our house and thank you we are going to start the same floors antique woodland oak! We talked to Lowe’s and said use a primer (to stick better) on the floors. Did you use the primer or did you just do the peel and stick? So excited!!

    1. We LOVE them! I actually have a post coming up in a couple of weeks with an update on how they’re doing. I can’t recommend them enough. We did not add any sort of primer – just trusted the peel & stick system! The one thing I’d recommend is to make sure your floors are clean before starting! You cannot spend too much time on the prep work for this project!

  3. How is the vinyl holding up? I recently purchased a house that needs a lot of work and was thinking of this for the kitchen, a high traffic area. Let me know!

    1. So far, it’s great! We haven’t had any issues whatsoever – we still love it and are still planning on continuing it into the kitchen eventually!

  4. Great job!!!! The look of wood always makes things look so much prettier.

  5. Cheers for the magnificent work you did! I love the grayish wall paint, it looks so classy and dramatic. Your ceiling fan is simply gorgeous and those colorful pillows are fantastic. Suits your living room very well. Keep it up!

  6. Your home looks so good!! I love how it’s stylish and wonderfully decorated however it still looks cozy and homey. Some places can look artsy but you could never imagine living in them. Nicely done:).

  7. Wow! This looks pretty amazing. I like that you guys picked dark wood floors, very few people do that and it looks really good and it might even be better covering scratches long term.

  8. Your place is looking great! I would keep the ottoman but change the legs to something less formal. Maybe that will help?

  9. I love the way this came out! Did you have to do any floor prep? I’m assuming that you just had a concrete slab under your carpet, or did you have subfloor boards? Also, where did you find such a tall fiddle-leaf fig!?!?

    1. When we had the pneumatic hammer we used the floor scraper to clear up some spots on the concrete subfloor, but other than that it was just cleaning! When we did the dining room we had a few spaces we had to patch, but in this room the concrete was in good shape.

      The fig is from Home Depot – only $25!

  10. The new floors look gorgeous guys! Your first floor looks great with the change. From here you definitely can’t tell those aren’t real wood floors.