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  1. This was also our first Christmas with a baby. And the first time we never gathered at my grandparent’s house as my Grandma passed away in July and they sold the house. My dad is 61 and he lived in that house since he was a baby!
    Our baby is 5 months old and to be honest… it was a little overwhelming. Next year should be better. This year was a lot of juggling naps and earlier home times.

  2. We had our first Christmas with a baby this year too! Except our daughter was only 2 weeks old, so she wasn’t “quite” into opening presents and all. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t go all out with her presents, as did the rest of the family. Still it is pretty incredible to think it’s our daughter’s first Christmas and to wonder just how it will change in years to come!

  3. Christmas with a baby is soo soo much better. I told my sisters, I don’t even need gifts watching my kid open his is more than enough! Next year I’ll have 2 kids, ahhh!