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  1. Great post! Especially helpful as I am also tweaking our nursery in these first few weeks. Btw, I have the same diaper bag as you and I love it!!

  2. Looks great! We’re slowly starting to organize the nursery and your post had a lot of great tips! Quick question – where did you get the organizers/buckets for the drawers in your changing dresser?

  3. Be careful about the mirror above the changing table. I had the same one in my office and it just fell right off the wall. The bracket broke. Wouldn’t want Monster to get hurt!

    1. Eeek, thanks for the warning!

  4. You will definitely change how you have things at some point. I did twice with my first and now that we’re having a second, I’m doing some different things.

    One thing I’d suggest if you feel like you’re short on space is an under the bed storage compartment for under the crib. You can tuck it away and store it with things you don’t use often, or for clothes that don’t fit yet.

    Speaking of clothes, we held onto everything, since we were going for a second, and possibly a third someday. I organized in big rubber maid containers by size as baby outgrew and put them away.

    You may also find that having some burp rags in your kitchen or main part of your house is helpful, as well as a diaper changing station so you don’t always have to bring your little man into the nursery.

    One thing I’m doing this time around is hanging a pegboard on the wall above the changing station, that way I have more space for things on the wall such as lotions, diaper creme, etc.

    And, I’d suggest getting some of those toys out of there and putting them in a basket for easier access. Gives you more storage space and something for your guy to play with!

    1. Great tips! We’ve ended up with burp rags, diapers, and a general “baby station” in almost every room of the house, haha – it’s very helpful! And yeah, the toys will definitely move to a more accessible area once he’s old enough to use ’em!