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  1. Our dog’s food /water is in our laundry room too. We just put her bowls on a boot tray and it keeps the floor from getting messy.

  2. I love the inspiration photo! Its stunning and will look awesome in your home! In the past I’ve seen some built in dog feeding drawers, so perhaps that you might want to check out. I think it’s important to have a hanging clothes bar, if you iron, a build-in ironing board. My parents had a mop and broom closet in their garage, right outside the kitchen door, so definitely a built-in closet. Couldn’t see them but very handy!

    1. I am so excited to follow along! My laundry room has gotten zero attention since we moved into this house 3.5 years ago. Why?! I’m in there ALL THE TIME and it is small enough that it would be a quick makeover!

  3. IKEA pax would be awesome for broom storage!! They have a narrow size that is great for that and I’d love to see how you customize the doors.