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  1. Margaret Robinson says:

    Hooray and congrats – you just keep dreaming about that laundry room and it will turn out great. What fun!

    One of the things to remember when putting in a front loading W/D is that any countertop (and sides) should be removable or out of the way for installation purposes or when (heaven forbid) there’s a problem. We realized this late in the game and it was in our case wasn’t a problem with the dryer per say, but a problem for the repair person to work underneath a countertop that would not move. The dryer had to be pulled out into the room far enough away from the counter to work on it. Just something to think about because he could have moved the dryer out a bit and done the work, not had to pull it out another couple of feet because of the stationary counter.

    Your house will be lovely and expect that photos of the new laundry room will be shown soon!!

    1. What a thoughtful tip – thank you so much, Margaret! I never would have thought of that.

  2. Our laundry room came with a shelf about face-height that’s great, and it came with a rod over the machines that has been SUCH a convenience! We used to hang clothes on the shower rod to dry but now we can keep hangers in the laundry room and hang them right there. If you’re going to have limited space, use an over-the-door organizer for stuff, or a rack built onto the back of the door for your dryer sheets, fabric softener, etc. Try keeping a spare laundry basket IN the room – trust me, when you have a whole room for laundry, you’re going to be tempted to throw stuff on the floor in there (like super wet towels, items your dogs/kids threw up on at 3 a.m., or super dirty clothes you don’t want stinking up your hamper). Having a basket in there keeps those items contained!

    1. So many great tips – thanks, Jamie! I’m so excited to have a rod to hang things on, it’ll be so nice!

  3. This is exciting! We moved 2 years ago from a house that had washer and dryer in the garage, but with no direct access from the house so we had to go outside to get to it. Our current house has a ‘laundry room’ that’s really just space between the house and the garage, but I was SO happy!! There’s just enough room for the machines to go side by side and there are upper cabinets above it and floor to ceiling cabinets opposite, with the water heater tucked in next to those cabinets. I’m on the shorter side — 5’3″ and we put our front loaders on drawers. I actually have a really difficult time getting to the cabinets that are above the machines. I would probably be able to reach if the machines weren’t on drawers, but they are SUPER great for storage and when I have to dig into the washing machine, it would be tougher if it was closer to the ground. Ideally I would actually take out the upper cabinets and stack the machines then build in vertical shelves off to the side. I feel like I personally would have more access to storage that way. I’d also but in a tankless water heater, but that’s a whole other thing.
    But you should definitely celebrate the little things!! That’s the fun of moving. One of the things that bums me out about our current house is that we don’t have a utility sink in the garage. It’s so random, but even after 2 years, I wish we had one. But the previous owners left an old fridge in the garage and I was SUPER stoked about having a garage fridge. So the “little things” are totally worth celebrating!! Good luck with the laundry can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    1. That’s about all ours will be – a stacking unit is a great idea! And I agree, the little things are so important.