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  1. It’s always hard to move into a space that doesn’t feel like you yet. You’ve made some great progress already!

  2. I agree that a quick way to get the house to start smelling like you is to start washing your linens, pillows, etc. I’m not one to advocate doing more laundry than necessary, but a wash of your clothes might help too….I’ve notice that even if my clothing is in a bag overnight, it tends to get a different scent to it.

    Otherwise, the most practical thing to do is to start burning some candles, tarts, etc. – even in your bathrooms. I like to buy the little tiny $1 candles at the dollar store during holiday times. They don’t last long, but last long enough – if that makes sense.

    Speaking of which, that fig candle is incredibly gorgeous.

    1. So true – laundry makes a difference! And I’ve been trying to light a candle or two every day – it’s slowly helping! And the fig candle smells AMAZING, too!

  3. Hi Amanda.
    So looking forward to your journey with this house.
    For the smell:
    To change it you could try scented candles and (essential) oil lamps.
    But to make it smell more like you I would suggest washing all fabric home decor pieces (curtains, pillows, blankets, washable rugs, sheets, comforters) with your favourite smelling detergent ASAP and letting them air dry inside the house as much as possible – it makes a huge difference.
    Best of luck
    PS: for your TV: what about the angled wall to the left of the fireplace or a pull down screen in front of the opening to the kitchen? (or some newfangled solution

    1. Great tips! We’ve talked about a few different options for the television, but we feel like the wall next to the fireplace might just end up looking cluttered. Once I get the room painted we’re going to set the television up there and live with it for a few weeks before we actually mount it to make sure we don’t hate it – if it’s awful, we’ll try to come up with a new plan, haha.