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  1. Christina says:

    According to my mom and validated by pictures, we didn’t have mobiles, but had a baby-safe mirror on one side of the crib at eye level and I’ve heard that both my brother and I would stare at that mirror for a long time when in our cribs. Maybe that’s something to consider?

  2. We never had a mobile with our second either. With the first it seemed so important but since I never actually turned it on, nor did the baby ever notice it, it seemed pointless to buy the second time around.

  3. Kelsey Green says:

    Your home’s nursery is quite adorable! I’ve read some of the comments saying that there isn’t a “need” for a mobile, but then again there are some studies that do show that mobiles actually help with the baby’s development, it provides stimulation AND helps them sleep.

  4. You don’t need a mobile. Especially if it attaches to the crib, it won’t be long before baby can pull it off, break it, etc. There are babies that love the little electronic ones that attached to the wall of the crib (like a tiny fish tank) but my kids needed to be distraction free. Instead, we got a white noise machine that projects a rotating light on the ceiling and that seems to work well enough for us.

    1. Haha so true – they get mobile all too fast, don’t they?!

  5. I didn’t have a mobile for either of my children & never felt the lack! Having said that, I don’t think they’re really a thing in the UK – perhaps because most people have their baby in their room for the first 6 months? I don’t think anyone I know had one. Purely anecdotal, but if it helps you feel better about your gut instinct…!

    1. Good to hear! We definitely didn’t utilize ours much last time, so I think we’ll be fine without.

  6. I wasn’t keen on paying for a mobile, but my mother bought one (second hand for $10) for my daughter and she still uses it every night (almost 4 years later). I think it is the music that she is drawn to most. I guess my only advice would be to consider the function over the form. It might get in the way of the design, but if it makes your baby happy…

    1. Interesting! We always played music in our son’s room and he still listens to it to go to sleep. He didn’t love the mobile, though, haha

  7. No, you don’t need one and it would compete with the mirror above the crib. Having said that, I had a mobile for my kids that I turned on every night and nap. Gave them a distraction when I slipped out the door. Now the music is a good sleep cue.

    1. We didn’t ever really use ours last time, but we did always have music or a noise maker in the room!

  8. Go with your gut, if it says no do it. I loved mine in my daughters room but that was what I wanted to do.

    1. I’m leaning towards no as of now – but I could always change my mind!

  9. I really loved the mobile that the Petersik’s made for Clara’s bedroom. At the time, semi-adult me (I was like, 20/21?) made the same thing and hung them in a corner of my bedroom. It was super cheap and I liked the look of them.

    1. Love it! That mobile was so adorable.