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  1. I am in the process of painting the same Ikea dresser. I sealed the knots and primed. I can still still some of the wood grain. I do have at least one maybe 2 more coats to go and I am hoping these will disappear. In the picture, I can’t see any wood grain pattern on yours. Can you in real life? What’s your secret? Did you use a brush or a sprayer?

    1. I used a brush for this, but normally prefer a sprayer for furniture! I’ve never noticed any wood grain on ours – not sure what I might have done differently, though. I do think the paint quality can make a big difference – we use Behr Marquee and have really great luck with it.

  2. Hi – I am curious about this project because before stumbling upon your post I had already planned to use the same dresser for a DIY changing table project 🙂 My hesitation began when I noticed the IKEA dresser depth is 15 3/8″. I had planned to use the Keekaroo changing pad which has a depth of 17″ but nevertheless saw most changing pads at 16″+ in depth. Yours seems to fit. Does the changing pad overhang the back? Is the dresser depth listed on the site misleading?


  3. Hi! I almost bought this unit, but didn’t because I was concerned that a changing pad wouldn’t fit on it. I see that you linked the pad, but I was just wondering how it has worked out for you? Does it stay put when using it? For my first son, we had the pad in a frame so that it wouldn’t slide around. Has that been an issue at all for you?

    1. It’s been great! He’s 14 months old now and we’re still using (and loving) this setup!

  4. Where are your curtains from? I Love this whole set up!!

  5. Inès Guerreiro says:

    HI, I felt in love of your place. I will buy a trava ikea dresser and your gallery wall is so awesome 🙂 I tried to knox where do you buy these gallery (hand, buffalo, birds, the text and “BE YOU” on target website) but didn’t found these things 🙁 Maybe you can help to to find these things ? Thanks a lot 🙂

  6. I just finished my own Tarva in white as I loved this idea so much and now I’m looking for the right changing pad to fit. It seems like the normal size is too big and would hang over, but it looks like yours fits perfectly! Which one is it??

  7. Where did you get the letters to spell out “be you”? Love them 🙂

    1. They’re from Target! They’re attached to each other, not individual letters. 🙂

  8. Is the color you used actually called trellis green? Or Trellis vine? According to Home Depot their is no trellis green, but maybe discontinued??? Also how much paint did you use? Thanks!

  9. I am done with all the dark color dressers. so, I actually loving its paint. good usage of the dresser.

    1. Thanks so much, Daisy!

  10. We almost purchased this dresser a few months back to paint and style but when we went to IKEA the sample was super rocky and not at all sturdy. I’m assuming if you plan to change your baby on it it must have gone together well for you- does it actually feel like a sturdy, wood dresser when put together at home? Did you do any reinforcing or was it fine as is?

    1. Hi Mandi –

      It’s definitely completely sturdy and not at all rocky. We’ll be anchoring it to the wall, as we would with any dresser, but it feels very solid to me. We didn’t do any extra reinforcing.

  11. Looks great! I love using a dresser as a changing table- I did the same thing with my two boys! I also sewed my own changing cover pads because I didn’t find any I liked either. You just need fabric and elastic – I’m not much of a seamstress but it wasn’t too bad! (Plus my mom helped, ha!)

    1. Smart! Sewing machines and I do NOT get along, but if we did that would be a great solution! Haha

  12. Love the color you picked!! Did you use primer first? Just wondering because I have a Tarva that I’m getting ready to paint myself and I worry about the wood knots coming through.

    1. Hey Carly – I used Behr’s Marquee paint, which is a paint + primer in one. I find that I never really need primer when I’m using it. If you’re using a lower-quality paint, though, I’d definitely recommend a primer!