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  1. your tree is just gorgeous- love the skirt! and love your mantle, too!

  2. i love that you love Christmas decorating so much! I wish I had more room to go all out. This year we have 2 trees up and I have yet to get my Nutcrackers in my place. What a great idea on making a taller tree stand to make the tree fill the room. I also saw your post on the 2nd tree and the outdoor lights – love how magical the tree looks all decked out in lights!

    If you’re interested, you can see my tree pictures here: http://kreativekristie.blogspot.com/2011/12/o-christmas-tree-o-christmas-tree.html

    I can’t wait to see how you expand on decorating next year! I plan to hit some after Christmas sales for more holiday decor. We’ve been in our home for a few Christmases now and I think I finally know what I want to get to expand on our decorating.

  3. I think my heart just melted seeing Cullen sleeping under the tree!!! Sooo cute.

  4. I love how your tree skirt looks with your tree! Just beautiful! You guys must be having so much fun this Christmas! 🙂

  5. What a difference that stand makes!! I think your tree is beautiful, would you mind saying where you got it? We have a 7ft Douglas fir with white lights that I got for a steal, but I wish it was a little bit fuller.

    I was going to reply to someone else’s comment, but wasn’t able to. I wanted to say that I also love the after Christmas sales for stocking up on Christmas goodies! We probably aren’t going to decorate this year (no family coming over, and life is just too crazy) but I’m hoping I can find more stuff so next year it looks awesome 🙂

    1. It’s from Lowe’s and we’re totally obsessed with it! It’s beautiful and a really great quality!

      The reply feature should work, I’m sorry it didn’t! I’ll have to look into it this afternoon to see if it’s having some technical difficulties! 🙂

  6. your house is so festive It makes me excited because we’re decorating our tree tonight. 🙂

  7. Your tree looks so pretty! I love the added height!

  8. Everything looks so cute! We have a tree, but that is about the extent of our decorations. And now I think our tree has way too few ornaments. I think we need to hit the sales rack after christmas is over to help stock up!

  9. My parents built a stand on their Christmas Tree when we were kids and as an adult, when I got my first tree, I thought it was so weird how close the bottom boughs were to the ground! Love having a little present clearance underneath!

  10. Last year was our first year in our house and wasn’t nearly as festive as yours is, but I did some major shopping the day after Christmas at all the sales last year and this year is looking pretty amazing. And it’s fun to pull out all the new stuff – some of it I totally forgot I bought!

  11. I just love the cable knit stockings! I have been looking for some just like and found them on Pottery Barn’s website last year, but by the time I hit Check Out, they were sold out. 🙁 Would you mind sharing where you got yours? I’d love to get them!

    1. Thanks, we love them too! 🙂 They’re from Target.

  12. Beautiful tree, and I am thinking I need to rush out and buy that blanket because I’m sure my pup would love it too! Actually I bought Target’s knitted chenille throw a couple weeks ago and I love that too. Where did you get the reindeer stocking holders?

    1. We have the chenille one too and we love it! The stocking holders are from Target as well. 🙂

  13. Um, I need that blanket. And the tree skirt. And probably the dog too. I’ll just take it all, thanks!

  14. We’ve got everything pulled out but no tree, yet, and only the stockings hung. Last year was our first with an actual mantle and I still get a thrill from it after growing up hanging them off the edge of the bar or wherever.

    That riser is ingenious! If we ever have tall ceilings again I’m going to suggest a similar project to Todd–it’d be so much easier to add water to the stand, too, as well as pile the presents or decorations up underneath.

  15. Wow, everything looks amazing! Your tree is beautiful – I love that you set it up higher (and you’re right…more room for presents underneath!).

  16. the stand is such a clever idea, and i agree that the mirror is perfect for reflecting all those pretty lights! of course the highlight is cullen curled up at the base–how precious is that.

  17. That Cullen is too cute! I love the stand that Corey made to give your tree some more height! We’re not decorating this year since we’re moving, but hopefully next year will be the first Christmas in our house. I plan to do as much as we can on the budget, building every year after that with the after Christmas sales.

  18. Your tree looks amazing! I am a big fan of white lights and how they make a room glow. Putting it in front of the mirror was a great idea. You have done such a nice job. Everything looks so elegant!