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  1. We re-did my sister’s kitchen. Painted cabinets, painted countertops and self sticking vinyl floor tiles with self-sticking vinyl marble backsplash.
    She got new apppliances and sink/faucet and we made new curtains. Found an old vanity to make butcherbloc island.

    But her renovation costs mainly were appliances and paint. We got the vinyl flooring and backsplash at ReStore and the sink/faucet from Craigslist.
    She went from rustic country to French country chic!

    It was lots of work but has endured very well for 3 years

    1. Sounds like a great makeover! It’s so satisfying to do these sorts of things on a budget!

  2. I’ve been wanting to do my cabinets in the kitchen for just over 5 years now. Looking at and reading different blogs, websites, personal and professional, I have decided to keep saving for the countertops of my dreams. I hope that isn’t too far away as I’m not getting any younger…lol.

  3. I painted my island a year ago and just now getting to the rest of the countertops. I used a metallic paint for the extra oomph instead of glitter. I had to get new appliances so painting the counters is my cost savings measure for now. Appliances are expensive. Just wanted to share that changing the paint, if the counters are still durable is relatively easy. I initially painted my counter a gray and black (in a desk area). was not happy with the combination. I was able to mist with water to lift up the paint. Let it dry and started all over. Not hoping to have to repaint down the road. (I am going to put in a counter eventually) My appliances and sink will be here Saturday and my newly painted counters will be ready to go.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience! Metallic paint is genius!

  4. Deana Stanberry says:

    Getting ready to do my counters. My summer project. I sure want to make it last longer than a year though. Just me and my hub. What about hot crock pots etc.?

    1. Hi Deana! We had no issues with our crock pot on the counter – I would use a trivet for any hot pans, though. Most of our dings or scratches came from areas where we weren’t careful when moving things around in the kitchen (for example, moving a refrigerator and scratched the counters), or from when messes accidentally got left on the counter for too long (my mother in law spilled turkey juice on the counter one Thanksgiving and I didn’t realize it until hours later). If you’re relatively careful with them and use a durable paint, it shouldn’t be too bad!

  5. We have just started to redo our kitchen. We were indecisive for a year about painting them. I want white, hubs wants anything but. Just yesterday we went and got oak to do crown molding on the top of them and got that installed. But now I have to sand and stain all that.

    I wish I had just started painting them white when he was away lol. Your kitchen looks really good. Love the counter tops.

    1. Haha, maybe gray or black would be a good compromise? I think wood cabinets are beautiful too, though!

  6. This is amazing to me that you can paint countertops!! Well done.

    1. Thanks, Jessica! It’s so easy!

  7. Painting the countertop is such an interesting idea. It also seems like a great way to test a color palette without committing to the expense of new stone tops and hoping it looks as nice as you imagined. (Or maybe I’m just super terrible at making expensive decisions.)

  8. Thank you for the information. I want to paint our cabinets. I am just scared to start. I also want to replace the counter tops Perhaps I could try painting them like you did.

    1. It’s a great temporary solution while you save up to replace them!

  9. I am contemplating painting my cabinets. Fear is my enemy, lol. Glad to see everything has help up fine. Thanks for linking up to Merry Monday! Pinned! Have a great week!

  10. adawnpaxton says:

    I would absolutely love to paint our cabinets but we have tons of them, crown molding, and tons of intricate details. I know that I would never be able to get the factory finish look that I would want so I will just have to wait until we have the money to replace them one day. Yours look great and I love the black!

    1. Thanks so much! You should try a paint sprayer – it does wonders for that perfect finish!

  11. I love the bold color you used for the cabinets. We painted ours about 5 years ago and they are still holding up, aside from a few nicks and touch ups.

  12. This is great information. The painted counter tops look great for a short term solution.

  13. Great idea for a post! I love the fact that it was an honest recap.

  14. Good advice, Amanda! I definitely love my painted cabinets, so I agree wholeheartedly. It sounds like your counters were horrible before, so I’m glad your painted ones are better.